Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JavaFX 2.0 Layout Panes - FlowPane and TilePane

FlowPanes and TilePanes are nice layout panes, if you want to layout your children consecutively one after another, either horizontally or vertically. They are quite similiar to each other as both will layout their children either in columns (in case of a horizontal Flow/TilePane) and wrap at their width or in rows (in case of a vertical Flow/TilePane) and wrap at their height.

The only major difference is, that the TilePane places all children in tiles that are the same size! So the size of the greatest children is taken for the size of each individual tile in the TilePane. Therefore a TilePane is also a nice way to size and align buttons and other controls equally. (See my previous post Sizing Buttons equally inside a VBox or HBox)

FlowPane and TilePane – Example 1